About Us

Our Vision - Capital Markets Simplified

We are building a better Capital Markets ecosystem with our clients, for our clients. Our goal is to manage the orchestration of complex flows in the trading lifecycle for our clients, freeing them up to focus on how they can best add value for their clients.

Our Values - It's all about the Client

Simple - put the client first, be ruthless about creating value for our customers with complete transparency in everything we do and let the rest follow.

A Radically Better Trading Partner

EDIPHY is launching a new Fixed Income Execution Service for the Investment Management community, putting Best Execution at the heart of everything we do.

Digital First ApproachDigital First Approach

By using clean, modern technology to deliver our services combined with a regulated execution capability we can provide better trading outcomes for our clients.

Transparency Meets Technology

Our platform aggregates multiple liquidity pools, deploys sophisticated data analysis and offers new trading algorithms to help you improve the returns you can deliver to your customers.