"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Albert Einstein

Get insight from the Public Transparency Data

Take a look at the aggregated trade data across Trading Venues and APAs. Use our analysis tools to identify market flows and see price action charts across multiple sources. Slice and dice the data by instrument type, issuer sector or individual instrument.

Best Execution Analysis

We take every trade reported in the market under MiFID II and use them to construct a benchmark for fair value. This benchmark is then used to TCA each trade and produce a set of pre-trade statistics to inform execution choice. View aggregates on an ISIN level basis or across an issuer or sector.

Trade and quote analysis

Upload your RFQ history to understand which of your counterparties provide the most consistent prices. Combine your won price and quote feeds with the MiFID II public data to enhance the analysis and see your data all in one view.